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The Amateur Distiller would love this Cellar
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 Whiskeymansblog  Distilling for the Amateur. You are most welcome to come and browse. It may seem a little amateurish compared to some sites but it is all my own work with no input from payed guru’s. This done with the help and information gained from YouTube videos.  I do not go in for all the fancy things in life.  I like straight forward no nonsense things. The simple things of life.

I have gained a lot of inspiration and ideas from Anthony Rainier amongst others. I have included some of his Videos so that you take on board some of his ideas for yourself. I think one of the best with out a doubt is the simple seal between a Coupler and a Still pipe /column or any other piece of stilling equipment for that matter and that is the simple bicycle inner tube. Why did no one else come up with idea?Brilliant. It does not come in contact with the product. It stops most of the vapours escaping and it will let by vapour if there is a slight problem with pressure build up. Second  best of all it is cheap and plentiful.

Whiskeymansblog will cover quite a lot of topics not just distilling. I sometimes go off at a bit of a tangent when I get a bee in my bonnet.I will include items for sale and photos of items I have made and some that I have not. I may even have a questions and answers section. I will add pages to a subsection with items for sale in the future. In the mean time if you would like to visit www.distillingdominoes.co.uk you may find something of interest. If you click on Image Gallery 2 there is a sample of some of the things I have made along with the Knitted Copper Mesh for your reflux still.

The About page will put a little more light on what we are about. ( no pun intended )